What to expect at ChiroTrendz!

Your first visit will probably take a little bit longer than most visits because of the comprehensive nature of the consultation, regional exam, and/or physical exam. We pride ourselves in being thorough and pin pointing what the problem is. We will perform a variety of orthopedic exams that are designed to reproduce the pain and help us isolate the problem area and tissue. We promise to be gentle and perform these tests according to your level of tolerance. In addition to the above mentioned orthopedic tests, we will also be assessing range of motion and joint play.

The term chiropractic means "done by hand" and that's exactly how we do all of our assessments- by hand. The doctors at ChiroTrendz Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center have been well trained in discerning variations in the tissues. We are able to palpate and detect these variations throughout the body and then make the necessary recommendations and corrections to help bring you relief.

Depending on the severity of your case or physical condition you may need additional diagnostic imaging such as X-rays, MRI's, and bone scans, We do not have diagnostic imaging capabilities in the clinic but rather have contracted with near-by imaging centers for these tests. Based on our experience, most patients will not require these tests or exams to receive chiropractic care.

Payment Options

  • Insurance
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash

We accept all major medical insurance. We are in network with the following insurance companies:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield, BCBS of Arizona
  • Medicare
  • United Healthcare (UHC)
  • EmpowerChiro
  • TriWest Healthcare Alliance
  • American PPO
  • Stratose (formerly Coalition America)
  • Evolutions Healthcare Systems
  • Fortified Provider Network
  • Galaxy Health Network
  • Interplan Health Group, A HealthSmart Network, (formerly Accountable and DirectCare America (DCA)
  • Prime Health Services, Inc. (PHS)
  • Provider Select, Inc.
  • USA Managed Care Organization (Health only)
  • Beech Street
  • PHCS
  • PHCS Savility
  • Health EOS
  • Health EOS Plus+
  • Health EOS Select
  • Health EOS Select+
  • Value Point by MultiPlan (Discount card program)

Credit Cards

How much is it going to cost?

This is perhaps our most widely asked question. Our fee schedule at ChiroTrendz Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center is very affordable for all sized families, even a family of one. Prices below do not reflect our reimbursement with your individual insurance company as these contract rates vary between insurance carriers. Our office can help you decide which payment method would be the most affordable for your family. 

Click on the tabs below to view our pricing structure. Below is listed our Normal Fees, Member Wellness Plan Fees, and 2017 Arizona Usual and Customary FeesIt doesn't take a genius to figure out the substantial savings that can occur for families enrolled in the Member Wellness Plan. The prices below reflect the most widely used services by our patients. Please keep in mind that the more complex your health situation or injuries are, the examinations and treatment will also increase in complexity and price. These additional prices will be discussed at your first appointment.

ChiroTrendz Fee Schedule

  • Normal Fees
  • MWP Pricing
  • AZ Usual & Customary Fees
  • Personal Injury
Normal Fees

The below fee schedule reflects our normal and customary fees. 

Code Service/Product Normal Fee
99203 New Patient Detailed Exam $197.13
99213 Existing Patient Detailed Exam $133.14
99341 Lvl I Newborn Exam in Home $100.18
99342 Lvl II Newborn Exam in Home $144.78
99383 Physical Examination (School, Scouts) $15.00
97012 Mechanical Traction (IST) $29.73
97110 Therapeutic Exercise $59.46
97140 Myofascial Release / PIR / Graston, 1 unit $54.94
97530 Kinetic Activities (Direct One on One), 1 unit $63.99
98940 Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment, 1-2 regions $55.00
98941 Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment, 3-4 regions $74.33
98943 Extremity, Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment $55.00
G0283 Electrical Stimulation (Interferential) $29.08
S8948 Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), 1 unit $70.00
92532 Dix-Hallpike Test for BPPV/Positional Nystagmus  $50.00
95992 Epley Canalith Repositioning Maneuver $78.85
S9092 Canolith Repositioning Per Visit $78.85
99070 Fitness/Performance/Exercise Ball $30.00
99070 Theraband Professional Resistance Band $30.00
99070 BIOFREEZE Spray/Rollon $16.20
99070 BIOFREEZE, 4 fl oz $16.20
A4450 Kinesio Taping $25.00
A4556 TENS Electrodes $40.00
A9300 Rehabilitation - gym ball/elastic tubing/band $30.00
E0190 Air Stability/Wobble Cushion $30.00
E0720 TENS Unit w/ 2 Leads $495.00
E0849 Saunders Neck Traction Equipment $495.00
L0625 Lumbar Support / Orthosis, flexible $60.00
L3020 L Foot, Custom Functional Orthotic Insert $200.00
L3020 R Foot Custom Functional Orthotic Insert $200.00
L3908 Wrist extension control cock-up, non molded $40.00
MWP Pricing
AZ Usual & Customary Fees
Personal Injury