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Get your cameras and cell phones ready because on the night of September 27-28, 2015 we get to experience the closest Super Moon of 2015 and to top that it also a blood moon. The total lunar eclipse is visible from most of North America and all of South America after sunset on September 27. We want to remind you to practice safe gawking while admiring this awesome phenomenon, and for those of you who just can't seem to quit looking at it, we'll be available the next day to help with any neck pain. 


Activities that cause neck pain

Most neck pain is caused by activities that involve repetitive or prolonged movements of the neck or holding your neck in a provocative position for a sustained length of time. Certain prolonged activities can result in one of three injuries, a strain, a sprain, or spasm. A muscle strain is an overstretched or overused muscle and a sprain is an injury to a ligament, while a spasm is an overactive contraction of a muscle.  

These activities include:

  • Holding your head in a forward or odd position for long periods of time while working, reading, watching TV, or talking on the telephone  or WATCHING THE SUPER MOON!
  • A pillow that is too high or low will not adequately support your neck and put excess strain on your neck muscles for 7-8 hours while you sleep.
  • Spending long periods of time resting your head on your upright fist or arm.
  • Excessive overhead work or aggressive upper body workouts can fatigue muscles fast and lead to injury.
  • Stress has a tremendous effect on neck pain because many people carry that stress at the base of the neck or on their shoulders. Tension develops and neck pain and tension headaches ensue.

The solution is simple; take breaks often, massage those tight muscles, and visit your favorite Queen Creek chiropractor at ChiroTrendz Family Chiropractic and Wellness center, where we keep things in motion before, during, and after the fun.

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