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At ChiroTrendz we wish to pay our respects and salute all those that make the freedoms we all enjoy possible. We salute our military and first responders that protect those rights on a daily basis. We honor those that give the ultimate sacrifice, even life itself, so that we can continue on with our uninterrupted freedoms. As you sit with your families gazing at the spectacular display in the night sky we ask you take a moment and think of those that make this possible.

Please be safe this holiday weekend and definitely be sure to stay hydrated. Our office will be closed from July 3-4, 2017 and will reopen again on Wednesday July 5.

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By: ChiroTrendz Admin | November 18, 2016

ChiroTrendz 1st Annual TOY DRIVE 2016


Santa is coming to town and will be at ChiroTrendz on Dec 2, 2016. Bring a new unwrapped toy for a local child and visit with the big guy himself. This is a great photo opportunity for families with young children. We also invite you older kids to come join in on the fun as the Christmas season quickly approaches.

We are partnering with the Queen Creek Unified School District's Family Resource Center to help provide smiles for the children in our community that so desperately need during the holiday season. Santa will be hand delivering all donations. 

 Be sure to bring your cameras!

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By: ChiroTrendz Admin | September 23, 2015

Get your cameras and cell phones ready because on the night of September 27-28, 2015 we get to experience the closest Super Moon of 2015 and to top that it also a blood moon. The total lunar eclipse is visible from most of North America and all of South America after sunset on September 27. We want to remind you to practice safe gawking while admiring this awesome phenomenon, and for those of you who just can't seem to quit looking at it, we'll be available the next day to help with any neck pain. 


Activities that cause neck pain

Most neck pain is caused by activities that involve repetitive or prolonged movements of the neck or holding your neck in a provocative position for a sustained length of time. Certain prolonged activities can r...

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By: ChiroTrendz Admin | June 08, 2015

You never hesitate to respond when your car tells you maintenance is required so why should you respond differently when your body tells you similarly?

Despite what the marketing team tells you, there is no such thing as a maintenance free car. Everything has limitations and will eventually fail or be reduced in function if not properly maintained. In fact, you can get more life out of a well maintained vehicle as opposed to one you neglect. 

At ChiroTrendz we help keep things in motion by addressing some, if not all, of the warning signs from your body that something is not quite right. 

Pain, decreased range of motion, and loss of function are some warning signs that maintenance is required. Call us today if you have any of these warning s...

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